Qualitative Research and the Process of Constructing Qualitative Data

Qualitative Research and the Process of Constructing Qualitative Data



Traditionally, marketers have used the marketing information system (MkIS) and its components to inform the decision-making process. Central to the process was the use of marketing research. Today with the development of customer databases, the marketer has a significant additional weapon in his or her armoury. We have more information than ever before. And yet companies are still making poor decisions, and still fail to meet their customers’ needs and wants effectively and efficiently. 

So as to make the best decisions, marketing professionals in both commercial and noncommercial organizations must have the right information. Mentioned right information are generally collected by two types of marketing researches. These are called qualitative and quantitative marketing researches.

In this article we will try to explain and mention the qualitative research and its constracting process. As it is known, qualitative marketing research is the research that is geared primarily to the constraction of qualitative data. What about qualitative data is systematic records that consist of words, phrases, text or images.

Firstly, qualitative research, then focus groups, depth interviews, and observation as the types of qualitative research will be discussed, and finally  constracting process of qualitative data will be critically analysed.

The main aim of this research is to introduce the methods used in qualitative research and the major applications supported by qualitative data.