Drilling Fluids Engineer's Responsibilities

Drilling Fluids Engineer's Responsibilities

1. Reviews fluids program in order to prepare orders and mixing plans

2. Writes procedures for mixing and handling of products

3. Gathers samples and performs tests to determine trends and identify contaminants.

4. Records test results to identify trends.

5. Interprets property-test data to establish required treatment or action.

6. Determines cause of fluid, hole, or system problems to assist in treatment recommendation

7. Determines chemical treatments required to optimize drilling parameters

8. Advises clients on potential treatments or improvements to the fluid system based on data analysis and mud testing

9. Recommends solids-control processes to ensure economic removal.

10. Supervises rig personnel performing chemical additions and recording drilling fluid parameters.

11. Manages product inventory to ensure availability

12. Maintains required environmental discharge and consumption records

13. Monitors daily drilling operations to reduce or eliminate problems associated with drilling fluids.